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Elected Officials

Administrative Offices
6419 Heg Park Road
Wind Lake, WI 53185
Phone (262) 895-6335
Fax (262) 895-6601

Town Chair

Jean Jacobson                  "Jean Jacobson has been in elected government since 1980
6119 Heg Park Road          beginning as a Racine County Board Supervisor, representing
Wind Lake, WI 53185         the Town of Norway, County Board Chair and Racine County
Phone (262) 895-4684        Executive.  As a Board member of numerous organizations and 
                                            agencies, Jean brings a wealth of knowledge to help move the    
                                            town forward in an efficient and cost effective manner, while
                                            helping to maintain the rural quality of life that is important to our
                                                                    residents.  Jean presently serves as a Director of the Local
                                                                    Government Institute, and the League of Municipalities.  Gov.
                                                                    Scott Walker recently appointed Jean to the Transportation
                                                                     Projects Commission.  Jean has served on the Town Board
                                                                     since 2003 and as Chair since 2007.

Town Supervisors

  Robert Helback                          "Serving as a Town Board Supervisor since 1997, Bob
  7124 W Wind Lake Road           oversees Park and Recreation operations, along with
  Wind Lake, WI 53185                 being the Town's representative on the Police
  Phone (414) 416-5671                Commission."

  Timothy Hansen                        "Tim has been serving on the Town Board as a Supervisor
  7520 W Lake Drive                    since 2007.  He oversees the Department of Public Works
  Wind Lake, WI 53185                 and also road maintenance projects for the Town."
  Phone (262) 930-0499

  Michael Lyman                            "In addition to serving on the Town Board, Mike's duties
  26000 Malchine Road                  also include building projects and maintenance in
  Waterford, WI 53185                    Meyer Park.  Suggestions and helpful input are always
  Phone (262) 989-2331                 welcome to improve our wonderful park system."

  Ralph Schopp                            "Ralph serves on all three Lake District boards on behalf of
  26703 Oak Lane                         the Town Board.  He also oversees the weed spraying and 
  Wind Lake, WI 53185                 weed harvesting on Waubeesee Lake."
  Phone (414) 531-6020

Town Board members are elected in staggering years to serve a 2 year term.

All Officials can be contacted through the Clerk’s Office.

The Town Board meets on the Second Monday of each month in the Main Hall in the Town Hall at 6:30 PM.