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Office Hours:
         8:00 am-2:00 pm 
        10:00 am-4:00 pm Court dates

Office Address: 6419 Heg Park Road, Wind Lake, WI 53185
Phone: (262) 895-2195 • Fax: (262) 895-3651 • Email:
Police Chief: John Hanrahan •  Police Clerk: Lisa Jones


Town of Norway Police Department procedural changes regarding calls for service.


Citizens should continue to call 911 for emergencies and (262) 534-5166 to request non-emergency law enforcement service.


The Norway Police Department will continue to respond to calls for service.  However, we will not be physically responding to some calls.  If a call for service can be handled by telephone, an officer will call the citizen back instead of responding in person.


If an officer responds to a call in person the officer may ask you to come outside.  We will attempt to keep the recommended social distancing.  The officer may ask you to hold your driver’s license or other identification care while he or she takes your identifying information.


For medical related calls and many other calls for service, dispatchers will continue to ask additional questions related to COVID-19. Please be as cooperative and understanding as you can. We are asking these questions to ensure everyone’s safety. We will continue to respond to all emergency calls for service, but the precautions the officers take may be different.


We ask that citizens not come to the Police Department for things that can be done remotely, including; open records requests, copies of accident reports and general inquiries that can be handled on the phone.


Open Records requests can be made by telephone to (262) 895-2185 or via email to


Thank you for your cooperation.


John Hanrahan, Chief of Police

Racine County Dispatch: (262) 534-5166 (non-emergency)

The Police Department is located on the lower level of the Norway Town Hall. Citations may be paid in person during office hours, placed in the drop box located outside the main entrance to the Town Hall or mailed to the Norway Clerk of Court, 6419 Heg Park Road, Wind Lake, WI 53185. 

A letter from the Chief of Police:

Theft Prevention

We tend to see an increase in nighttime criminal activity as the weather gets warmer. In order to reduce your exposure to theft from your vehicles, please keep them locked when unoccupied. Remove or hide from sight any valuables inside your vehicle such as cell phones, garage door openers, GPS navigation, radar detectors, MP3 Players, CD’s and CD players, brief cases, etc. When these items are left in plain view, you become an easy target for theft and/or damage to your car. It only takes a thief a second or two to smash a window, reach in and steal your cell phone or other valuable and run off with it.

Constant or motion sensitive outside lighting also significantly reduces the chance of your home or vehicle being targeted by nighttime criminals. Report suspicious persons or vehicles immediately to the Norway Police Department at (262) 534-5166.

Chief John C. Hanrahan