Town of Norway
6419 Heg Park Road
Wind Lake, WI 53182

Tax Collection Hours for the 2017 Tax Year:


You may make a payment as soon as the Tax bill arrives (in December)


Daily 8AM-5PM Monday thru Friday

In the Clerk’s Office


                                                    Special Collection Dates:
                           Saturday, December 30th …………….9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Pay in person, by mail or use the drop box located in front of the Town Hall main entrance. Payment can be made on line via Official payments.  (See insert included in Tax Bill)


Town Bank Customers can pay at the Bank (Wind Lake Branch ONLY) if the funds are coming Directly out of your account.


Reminder: The 1st installment is due by January 31st 2018 and payable to the Treasurer, Town of Norway.

                        The second installment and payments made after July 31st 
                                      2018  are payable to the Racine County Treasurer.



** You can print your tax bill from the Racine County website as soon as it is available around December 15th.   Go to: