Town of Norway
6419 Heg Park Road
Wind Lake, WI 53182
Racine County, Wisconsin

2017 Tax payments will not be posted on 
Racine County' s website until sometime Mid-February.
You can call the Clerk's Office at (262)895-6335 or 
email to request a receipt. 
Thank you.

Permit Technician- Part- Time

The Town of Norway is seeking a part- time Permit Technician with exceptional attention to detail and excellent customer service, general office and organization skills.  Knowledge of the construction industry is preferred.  The position is responsible for answering the building inspection phone, issuing permits, entering permits into permit log, reconciling monthly permit reports, department deposits, filing, faxing, copying and scanning. Other duties may also be assigned.  This position is part-time only, with hours up to 20 hours a week, hours are flexible. Please send resume to: Town of Norway 6419 Heg Park Rd, Wind Lake, WI 53185 or email to  .  First review of applicants will be February 9th, 2018 or until position is filled.



The Town of Norway is an equal opportunity employer.


ORDINANCE NO. 2017-_03_


             The Town Board of the Town of Norway, Racine County, Wisconsin, do ordain as follows:

 1.                  That Section 6.245(2)(A) of the Municipal Code of the Town of Norway, relating to key lock                     boxes, be, and hereby is, amended to read as follows:

 “(2)      General provisions.  The following structures shall be equipped with a key lock box at or near the main entrance, or at such other location as required by the fire chief:

A.            A commercial, retail or industrial structure where one or more of the following applies:                                                                                        

1.           The structure is currently under construction and no occupancy permit has been granted by the Town as of the effective date of this ordinance.

                       2.                  A building permit for the structure has been granted on or after the effective date                                        of this ordinance, whether for new construction, an addition to, or a remodeling                                           of, an existing structure.

                       3.                 There is a change in use within an existing structure on or after the effective date                                       of this ordinance that requires a new or an amended conditional use permit, a                                              rezoning, or an amendment to the Town’s comprehensive plan.”

                        4.         Upon change of ownership.

 2.                  That this ordinance shall take effect upon adoption, publication and posting as required                              by law.

             Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Norway, Racine County, Wisconsin, this _11th day of ___December____, 2017.

                                                                        TOWN OF NORWAY

                                                                        By:      signed                                                             

                                                                         Jean M. Jacobson, Town Chair

                                                                         Attest: signed                                                             

                                                                          Patricia Campbell, Town Clerk



Effective January 2, 2018, all municipalities will be required to be in compliance with the Department of Safety and Professional Services for permitting new one & two family constructions. Permits for this new construction will now be required to be completed online using the quick link to the right.

Although this is not a requirement for 2017, we are implementing this process to allow for both the Building Inspector and permit applicants to get used to this new system.

Should you have any questions regarding the application process, please feel free to contact the Building Inspector. Should you have any questions regarding permit requirements, costs, etc. please contact the Building Inspector directly at 262-895-2732

Thank you!

Tax Collection Hours for the 2017 Tax Year:


You may make a payment as soon as the Tax bill arrives (in December)


Daily 8AM-5PM Monday thru Friday

In the Clerk’s Office

Pay in person, by mail or use the drop box located in front of the Town Hall main entrance. Payment can be made on line via Official payments.  (See insert included in Tax Bill)


Town Bank Customers can pay at the Bank (Wind Lake Branch ONLY) if the funds are coming Directly out of your account.


Reminder: The 1st installment is due by January 31st 2018 and payable to the Treasurer, Town of Norway.

                        The second installment and payments made after July 31st 
                                      2018  are payable to the Racine County Treasurer.



** You can print your tax bill from the Racine County website as soon as it is available around December 15th.   Go to: