Town of Norway

Racine County, Wisconsin
6419 Heg Park Road
Wind Lake, WI 53185
(262) 895-6335


As of March 18, 2019 Road Bans are not on.

On Friday, March 22nd this will be reevaluated. 
Please visit this website daily for updates.
Thank you.


 Spring Election

  April 2, 2019

    Go to

          to request an Absentee Ballot now 

or contact the Clerk's Office for more information. 

Last day to request an absentee ballot by mail is 

Thursday, March 28th. 

Deadline to Register to vote by mail or online is March 13th. 

After this date you must register in person in the clerk's office.

Phone: (262) 895-6335        


Sample Ballot

Go to to see what's on your ballot.


Change in Procedure for Special ‘One Day Parking Permit’ Request

Please note:  There has been a change in the procedure for requesting ‘One Day Parking Permits’.  If you will be having a large event and you live on a road with designated ‘No Parking’ signs, you can request parking permits by following the appropriate procedure below.

You must appear in person at a meeting of the Town Board to request ‘One Day Parking Permits’. Board meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month and begin at 7:00 p.m.  Please provide information to the Clerk’s Office by the 1st Wednesday of the month you are holding your event. This includes name, address, contact information, date and time of event and approximately how many permits being requested.

Email the information to with One Day Parking Permit Request in the Subject line. An agenda will be emailed to you when it is ready. You may also call the Clerk’s Office with any questions you may have at 262-895-6335.

 Clerk’s Office


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